Work From home/Business Software/ Investments Management

Work From home/Business Software/ Investments Management

Work From home/Business Software/ Investments ManagementWork From home/Business Software/ Investments Management

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Anayah Benayah Enterprise LLC introduces It's Four Phase System

We at Anayah Benayah Enterprise LLC have created a system that will allow you to be free of dependence on your employer.  Our system will meet you where you are.  You may want to work from home, which is Phase One or you may want to diversify your financial portfolio, which is Phase Four.    Contact us and tell us your goals.   You decide where you start and how far you want to go.  We have what you need to achieve it in this system.

Phase One:  Transition from your 9 to 5 to working from home and making your own schedule.

Phase Two:  Own your own business.

Phase Three:  Transition your six figure business to AUTO PILOT to receive passive income.

Phase Four:  Secure your wealth and diversify your financial portfolio.  

Phase One  Work from Home

Virtual Call Centers are work-at-home jobs in which individuals work as an independent contractor to provide telephone, customer service, or tech support services from their own home offices. Did you know that regular work at home has grown by 159% since 2005, more than 11x faster than the rest of the workforce? What are the benefits of working from home? Tax deductions and Transportation including gas, tolls, public transit passes, and car maintenance costs; food (restaurant lunch and coffee); tax breaks including home office deductions; and professional clothing (including purchasing, dry cleaning, etc.).

Save Time

The loss of time is one of the biggest costs of commuting, draining away hours you might otherwise spend with loved ones, exercising, enjoying hobbies, or any number of other activities. By working from home, you can get back about 11 days per year on average, or the equivalent of two work weeks, a report found.

Decrease Work-Life Conflicts

If you’re stuck in a traditional office, you may find yourself having to make difficult choices about when and how often to ask for time off for personal or family events. Workers who work from home report better work-life balance, and fewer conflicts between caring for the home versus getting things done at work.

Cut Down on Stress, Boost Productivity

Transitioning to a work-from-home job can be a corresponding reduction in stress. Working from home can reduce stress, which can not only boost the overall quality of your life, but also help improve productivity. The health benefits of working from home include greater ease fitting physical activity into your day and more leeway to eat healthier meals.  People who work from home are less exposed to common colds and illnesses, and more able to create “comfortable, ergonomic workspaces” that can make working at a desk an overall healthier experience. 

Contact us at to start your journey as a Customer Service Professional and to get your FREE step-by-step guide to a successful home based business setup. 

Please go to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  to get started right away.

Please see Phases Two, Three and Four to learn how to create your own home based, six figure business, put your business on auto pilot and diversify your financial portfolio.





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